Marjan Kargar


Marjan Kargar is a sustainable fashion designer and artist based in Vancouver.

A pioneering entrepreneur in the realm of conscientious creation, her work is defined by grace and universality. Her exquisite illustrations lend insight into unexplored aspects of human nature.

From a young age, the women from Marjan’s childhood in Iran encouraged creative exploration. This love of craft and innovation would weave itself into her later achievements. With a prolific academic and professional background in graphic design, her versatility speaks volumes to the realms in which she creates. Marjan’s exhibitions have been seen around the world, and she has a dedicated following for her trans-temporal, cross-cultural art.

She is the founder of Narvan, an environmentally-conscious label which launched in 2021. The brand seeks to elevate aesthetic but speaks to her ethos of higher purpose; that is, community contribution and collaboration. Her singular artwork and designs resonate with a universal audience. Fashion for the future, and art for the soul.